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How to Stay Safe Your Adsense Account Safety Tips

After getting an adsense account we need to stay safe our adsense account so here i will share some best adsense tips to safe your adsense account for being disabled or suspended or disapproved, adsense safe tips

Adsense safe tips how to stay safe adsense account

We all know about adsense and their policy but sometimes due to invalid activity our account getting disabled or disapproved so today i have added some useful tips for adsense publisher who facing issue against invalid activity, copyrighted content etc

How to Stay Safe Adsense Account? Adsense safe tips

First of all we all need to know about adsense terms and conditions if you know then ok otherwise you can read by clicking the link below

Importent Tips to Safe Your Adsense Account

  • Don’t place ads on site or pages where having contents on pornography, +18 Adult like sexy pictures or movies.
  • Don’t place ads on blogs Having Hacking or Cracking materials like softwares, movies, songs.
  • Do not click your own ads and do not force anyone to click ads
  • Do not use pop up ads, it might be create problem
  • Ads on drugs selling, alcohl information or any other pages are highly prohibited.
  • Pages like (ammunition selling information) having google ads may create problems.
  • Pages receiving fake traffic generated by bots to increase ranking is not allowed.
  • Ads sending in emails while promoting any product is also a bad impact on your Adsense account.

There are many more reason available i just added some of them, you should follow each and every adsense policy very seriously. Do not take them easy, if adsense detect anything wrong happen then they will disable or suspend the account immediately

Adsense Account Disabled Due to Copyrighted Content

Most of people getting approve from a blog they place ads on copyrighted sites or posts like movie, songs download site which prohibited by adsense policy so once adsense detect that they have placed ads on a copyrighted blog or site google will disable the account as well as the site for future use

It’s happened with so many people who don’t know about it, so i highly recommended you do not place ads on any kind copyrighted site

If you want to earn from adsense then you have to place ads which you own, you can write article online and place ads to the article this is the best safe way to earn from adsense

Adsense Account Disable Due to Invalid Activity

One of the most common reason for disabling adsense account, many publisher not able to generate traffic so they are use Self clicking trick, or doing click exchange with friends which highly disliked adsense

So when adsense detect invalid activity adsense will Suspend or Disabled your account instantly, and you will not receive any payment, all adsense balance that you have earned will be refunded to their advertiser account

Adsense Account Disabled What To Do Now?

Feel really sorry to hear that, the only way you get back your account is appeal, adsense allow their publisher to appeal so kindly check mail box, you will find the reason of disabled as well as a appeal link click on the link and write them including your publisher id

Watch this video for more safety tips

If adsense accept your appeal then you you will get back your account otherwise you can Buy a new adsense account from us, we are selling adsense account

You can also contact us for appeal we will appeal for you, read this article about how to re enable adsense account after disabled for better understanding

So follow below policy to keep safe your adsense account

  • Place ads only those sites or pages which you own
  • Place ads only your verified site
  • Do not share your ads code with anyone
  • Don’t share link any movie or songs download
  • Don’t post any hacking or creaking software
  • Do not generate clicks by yourself
  • Read all adsense policy before you use

So guys hope you liked these adsense tips to stay safe your adsense account, if you enjoyed it then do share it with your friends and write us if you have any confusion about adsense account safe tips. We will be happy to help you!

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