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Best Google AdSense Plugins to Place Ads on Your WordPress Blog

Adsense one of the best income source for blogger, after getting approve from AdSense now it’s time to place ad code on your blog, so here i have listed Best AdSense Plugins to place ad code on wordpress blog, you can use one of them

best adsense plugins for wordpress blog

WordPress is a software available for free and paid both version through which you can create a beautyful blog, but you can install plugin on paid version self hosted blog only (Free Version Not Supported). you can Buy AdSense Account if you don’t have any account

There are many WordPress AdSense Plugins Available but few of them are Good Well Working and easy to use so here i am going to share those Best Adsense Plugins which is easy and simple to use use so let’s check them out, also checkout Adsense High CPC Keywords list of 2018

List of Best Adsense Plugins is here

  • Ad Injection
  • Easy Plugin for AdSense
  • Ad Inserter
  • Advanced Ad

Here i will share some important points for why i have choose these 4 plugin, which will help you to choose a best adsense plugin for your blog

Best AdSense Plugins for WordPress Blog of 2018

Most of beginner getting confuse while choosing a best adsense plugin as there are so many plugins available so they are searching ‘Best Adsense Plugins for WordPress Blog’ and you are one of them as today you are reading this article.

Ad Injection

Ad injection best adsense plugin for wordpress blog

Ad Injection one of the best ‘Google AdSense Plugin’ through which you can easily place ad code on your blog, the best thing is that the plugin is available for absolutely free for everyone

I have personally using this plugin from last 4 year and still i am using, till date i haven’t found any issue with this plugin

With the help of Ad Injection Plugin you can place ad code on paragraph, sidebar, footer, header and you can choose randomly ads as well, so this why its a part of Best AdSense Plugins list

You can even block and show ads when you want at just single click with the help of this plugin, it has feature to hide or show ads where you want even it shows ads as per post length

Feature of Ad Injection

  • Set the position of the top and bottom advert by paragraph or character.
  • Position the random ads to start or stop in the middle of the post.
  • Stop the random ads 2/3 of the way down a post, or at a paragraph/character position from the beginning/end of the post.
  • New options to exlude ads from blockquote and pre sections. And custom ad exlude tags.
  • Fade unused Home/Archive options instead of making them dissapear.
  • Add page age settings to status.
  • Improve debug messages.

If you are using first time then you might feel its taft to configure but after using few days you will be able to use it easily (It also happen first time with me)

Download Ad Injection

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Easy Plugin for AdSense

easy plugin for adsense best adsense plugin

This plugin comes 2nd place in the list of ‘Best Adsense Plugins’ this plugin also available for free of cost and easy to use, it has more than 30k + users who loves this plugin more than others thats why it comes 2nd place in the list of best adsense plugins

With the help of Easy Plugin for Adsense you can show ads on your article as well as pages, this plugin also follow Google Policy mean it will not allow you to show more than 3 ad image and 3 link ads as per pages

Feature of Easy Plugin for AdSense

  • Easy Plugin for AdSense enforces the Google AdSense policy of not more than three adsense blocks per page.
  • Easy Adsense provides Sidebar Widgets:
    1. AdSense for content with custom title.
    2. Search with customizable text or image title.
    3. Link Units.
  • Easy Plugin for AdSense has a rich set of Options:
    1. Put Link Units or AdSense Blocks in header or footer.
    2. Suppress ads on all pages (as opposed to posts), or on the front/home page.
    3. Add a customizable mouse-over border decoration on ad blocks.
    4. Display adsense blocks based on the post length.
  • This Plugin lets you control over the positioning and display of AdSense blocks in each post or page.
  • Sports the simplest possible configuration interface — nothing more than cutting and pasting AdSense code, and with sensible defaults for the few options present, all with clear instructions.
  • Easy Plugin for AdSense is internationalized with multiple languages supported.

Download Easy Plugin for Adsense

Its very easy to configure and it’s also easy to use, you just need to download it from the link above and upload on your plugin folder and active it

Ad Inserter

ad inserter best adsense plugin for wordpress

Ad Inserter one of the most popular adsense plugin with more than 50,000 user, it has highest number of installer as compare to others adsense plugins

With this plugin you can place ads everywhere in your blog including pages, it also has option to hide ads with one click, however its not as easy as Ad Injection


  • 16 code (ad) blocks
  • AdSense integration
  • Syntax highlighting editor
  • Code preview with visual CSS editor
  • Automatically inserts ads on posts and pages
  • Insert before or after post
  • Insert before or after content
  • Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers
  • Insertion exceptions for posts and pages
  • Insert header (<head> section) and footer code
  • Insert HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code
  • Code generator for banners and placeholders
  • Visual advert editor
  • Manual insertion: widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call
  • Sticky (fixed) widgets (sticky sidebar – the sidebar does not move when the page is scrolled)
  • Custom block alignments and styles
  • Insert ads (different ad code) on AMP pages
  • Custom CSS class name for wrapping divs to avoid ad blockers
  • Use custom fields as defined in posts
  • Use post title, tags or categories to create contextual ads
  • PHP code processing
  • Ad rotation (server-side and client-side – works with caching)
  • Ad blocking detection – popup message, page redirection
  • Desktop/mobile device detection (server-side and client-side – works with caching)
  • Black/White-list categories, tags, taxonomies, post IDs, urls, url query parameters, cookies, referers
  • Easy copying and pasting code blocks or settings using internal clipboard
  • Simple troubleshooting with many debugging functions
  • Function to visualize inserted code blocks
  • Function to visualize available insertion positions

Many more feature available i have added few of them, its best adsense plugin for wordpress blog

Download Ad Inserter

To use this plugin just open your wordpress dashboard > plugins > add new > search Ad Inserter and install it from there and active the plugin

Advanced Ads

advance ads best adsense plugin

Most of professional blogger use this plugin for showing ads in their blog, this plugin available for free and paid both version, it also has more than 30k + active installer and 5 star rating

The best part of this plugin is that you can schedule ad code with this plugin, mean you can set ad expiry date or at which time this ad will show on your blog


  • Create and display unlimited ad units
  • Rotate ads
  • Schedule ads and set expiry date
  • Target ads by content and user groups
  • Inject ads into posts and pages automatically without coding
  • Sell ads on your website automatically with the Selling Ads add-on

Download Advanced Ads

This plugin also easy and simple to use, just download it and install on your blog and setup ad code, this is also best adsense plugin of 2018

How to Use Use Adsense Plugin to Show Ads on Blog

To use any Adsense Plugin you first need to install the plugin on your wordpress blog, you can install it with 2 option first one is manually uploading and 2nd is you can install directly from your wordpress blog plugin section

  1. First of all open your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugin > Add New > Search the Plugin name you
  3. Click on Install and after installing active it
  4. Then setup ad code and you are done
  5. That’s all, plugin has been installed on your blog

Hope you enjoyed this article and its helped you to find out best adsense plugins for wordpress blog or site, so which plugin you are going to use? do let me know in the comment section below

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