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Buy Carded Products at Cheap Rate – Carding Products Available for Sale

Looking for Carded Products such as costly iPhones, Laptop, PC or any others expensive items then you are in right place, here you can buy carded products at very cheap price and we deliver all over world. This is the best site to buy carding products. All types of carded product available for sale 40-50% rate.

Buy Carded Products

Buy Carded Products

As you all know Carding is an modern technic for shopping costly items but doing carding is not so easy and you will not get success all the time until you become a pro carder. You need to do smart work as well as hard work for getting success in carding. But if you don’t wanna waste your time in this carding then you can buy carded products from us and we will provide you any costly item at very cheap rate its our promised.

Buy Carded Products at Cheap Price

We have posted many carding related artice for helping everyone who have interest in carding filed but still if you do not want to invold yourself then simply you can order products from us. We are ready to sell you any products at huge discount.

Our team always try to do something new so this time we are come up with a dozen of iPhones which we are going to sell to our buyers directly to their home or anywhere they want to receive it. We never ask you anything to share with us as we all know all items are hacked.

Many of you guys maybe ask me ‘what the hell is this carded product and why they are so cheap’ so if you have this question in your mind then you colud read my earlier article¬†What is Carding where you can learn about this secret hack

Well first let me clear your mind so that you don’t need to ask me any question later about it.

What is Carding or Carded Products

Carding is a type of hacking someome credit card data and shopping online with hacked data which is not legal but still many people show interest in carding. So once hacker able to shop with a hacked card then its called carded product.

As hacker buy all carded products through someone else cc so they can sell it at lowest price to convert the product value into real money. But remember this isn’t easy after working so many times we got success. Hackers doing hard work to buy products through carding.

If you want to to know how this carding process work then you can read my previews article amazon carding trick where i have shared every steps of carding if you follow them, you may become a carder too

How to Buy Carded Products Online at Cheap Rate

Many people selling carding products such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones, iMack Air, iMac Pro, TV, Fridge and many others electronic costly products at cheap rate but remember they all are ‘FAKE’ yes it’s true every Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp carders are fake they are not going to give you anything after taking your money.

So guys do not trust them, you can buy carded products from trusted sites online like us. We are telling this because we got many messages everyday who is a victim of them so i just warn you.

Now let’s come to the topic, this is very easy to buy any carding products from us. You just need to contact me directly or you can deal via Admin.

First of all contact us via any of above contact details but please read this post till end before you contact.

Tell us which carded product you want to buy and we will let you know if the said product available for sale.

Carded Products List

Product NameDetailsPrice
iPhone X64GB, 256GB450$, 550$
Samsung Galaxy S964GB369$
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus64GB, 128GB399$, 439$
iPhone 864GB, 256GB279$, 339$
iPhone 8 Plus64GB, 256GB319$ 379$
iPhone 732GB, 128GB219$, 259$
iPhone 7 Plus32GB, 128GB269$, 309$
iPhone 6
iPhone 6s32GB, 128GB179$, 219$
iPhone 6s Plus32GB, 129GB219$, 259$
iPad Pro 10.564GB, 256GB, 512GB259$, 319$, 399$
iPad Pro 12.964GB, 256GB, 512GB319$, 379$, 429$
iPad Mini 4259$32GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular

If you choose any custom products which i haven’t added price here so i will take 40% to 50$ depended on price and product.

Then, you have made payment via Bitcoin and show us screenshot as proof.

Once we received payment then you need to send your full address where you want to receive the product.

Now if the product available from us so we will ship directly through any international courier service and it will take 7 to 15 days to deliver. Depended on distance.

Here you can see some Carded iPhones Stock Photos

Buy carded iphones, carding iphone sale

Carded iPhones

Or if the said product not available from us so we’ll order for you directly from amazon, ebay or apple store to your address.

Here is Steps to Buy Carded Products from us:

  • Contact us through whatsapp +918116027065 or mail id [email protected].
  • Write i want to buy carded product and send it to us.
  • We’ll ask product name and your address.
  • Then you have to make payment and send transaction snapshot for confirmation.
  • Product will be deliver through courier service.
  • After shipment we will send you tracking id or link.
  • Carded product will be deliver to your address within few working days.

Now you will receive the product soon. We will also give you order details if we order directly from online shopping site. Or you will get shipping details like tracking link or number so that you can keep track your order and be ready on the of delivery to receive it.

This is the full process about how to buy carded products online. If you want to buy any expensive product at cheap rate so contact us. But do not contact if you want to time pass with us. We aren’t free for them.


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