Buy KYC Verified Sim

Buy Paytm KYC Verified Sim Available Unlimited Number

Do you want to use paytm wallet but don’t have kyc or you do not want to share your kyc details with paytm and still want to use paytm so welcome, here you can buy paytm kyc verified sim or paytm verified account which is already kyc verified and you can add money on it upto 1lac per month. So let’s see more details about it.

Buy Paytm Kyc Verified Sim or Account

As per RBI rules and regulations paytm user have to verify their account with KYC (Know Your Documents) in order to continue using Paytm, if you normal kyc user then you can received payment upto 10k per month but you can’t send money to any wallet or bank account until you fully verify with kyc

We are offerring Paytm KYC Verified Sim, Verified Paytm Wallet through which you can send or receive money from your friends or customer and you can also open a Paytm Payment Bank account with our sim card which is same as other bank

Buy Paytm KYC Verified SIM (Mobile Number)

As you know nowdays everyone having¬†Paytm account, because it’s easy to use for sending or receiving money from anyone and you can send paytm to any bank account through imps which work instant but recently paytm announced all paytm user need to link with KYC like aadhar card, pan card for continue using paytm wallet

If you can verify your paytm wallet with kyc then you will be able spend upto 1 lac per month in wallet and unlimited you can add in paytm payments bank account which you can withdraw through ATM card

But if you don’t like to share your own kyc then you can buy paytm kyc verified sim from us or paytm kyc verified account at 2k per sim and 5k per paytm account. But you will have to pay 5k each month if you spend 1 lac per month

How to Buy Paytm KYC Verified Sim (Number)

The process of buying paytm kyc verified sim is easy and simple, you just have to follow given steps below

First of all contact us by using or whatsapp number or you can also call us directly to the same number

Tell us how much paytm kyc verified sim you need or paytm kyc verified account

You have send payment for sim or paytm account worth 2.5k for normal kyc verified sim and 4k for full kyc which have limit 1lac per month. If you need in bulk then i ll give you some discount

Currently we have AirTel and Vodafone paytm kyc verified sim so you have to choose any of them but soon we will arrange others network too

Send us payment via Wallets, UPI or IMPS and send your shipping address

After confirmation of your payment we will ship the sim through courier service like blue dart or any others

The Paytm KYC Verified Sim will be deliver to your shipping address within 2-7 days depended on distance.

Once you receive the sim then open it and insert any phone you have to get otp

Then open paytm wallet and enter that sim number on paytm and click on forget password

Paytm will send a OTP to your latest number just enter that OTP and change the password.

After changing password, login your paytm account and enjoy paytm kyc verified account

Here is proof of paytm kyc verified sim delivered-

Paytm kyc verified sim delivered proof

With our kyc verified sim card you can also able to call anyone, or you can also use it on any app or site. You’ll never face any issue as the sim has been verified with kyc (know your documents)

Here is Simple Steps to Buy Paytm KYC Verified Sim or Account:

  1. Contact us by using any of our given contact details.
  2. Let us know how many sim or account you want to buy.
  3. We may send you payment details after knowing your requirements.
  4. Make payment and show us screenshot for confirmation.
  5. Update us with your address for shipment.
  6. Sim card will be ship through courier service.
  7. You’ll receive the sim within few working days.

Finally unbox the sim card and insert any of your phone and start using it on paytm or anywhere.

Terms and Conditions of Paytm KYC Verified Sim

You have to follow our conditions for using the sim after buying them from us. If you do not follow then we may block the sim and you will not be able use it anymore.

  • The sim card will be verified from random person kyc.
  • Do not use it for heavy illegal work as if in case detected any illegal activity then the sim maybe blocked
  • You have to send full amount at once before shipment of the sim
  • Those sim cards will work anywhere in india
  • You can also make call to anyone but you have to recharge.

We have no much policy as all sim verified random kyc so you can do whatever you want but try to do safely. And if possible you can also refer your friends who want to buy paytm kyc verified sim.

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