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How to Change Adsense Address, Primary User and Bank Account Full Process

Sometimes we need to have change our address primary user and bank account details but most of new publisher don’t know how to change them so in this article i am going to share full process about how to change adsense address, primary user and bank account details easily

how to change adsense address, payee name, bank account details

As you know many times many publisher sell their account and buyer must need to change address to get latter in his/her own address but they don’t understand how to change them so in this case they feel very bad so they are starting searching on web regarding

  • How to Change Adsense Account Address
  • How to change bank account details in adsense acount
  • Process to change adsense payee name
  • How to change adsense primary user

Now if you are one them who want change adsense address, bank details or primary user then you don’t need to search anymore because in this post i will guide you full process to change adsense address, bank account and payee profile so without wasting time let’s get started

Watch this video to change your address in adsense

If you don’t like to watch video and you want more info this topic then read continue.

How to Change Adsense Address, Bank Account and Payee Name

It’s very easy to change address, bank account details and payee name on adsense account, you just need to have primary mail id which you used during apply first time, without this gmail id you can’t change them

To change adsense address follow below steps

  1. First of login your adsense dashboard
  2. Click on 3 line button in the left side corner
  3. Tap on ‘Settings’ > Payment
  4. Click on ‘Manage Payment’ option
  5. Now there you will see your previews address
  6. Click on pencil icon to change this address
  7. Finally add your address and click on Save option

That’s all, your adsense address has been changed, now if you want want add payment user then you can do it from payment section

If you are unable to understand then kindly read continue i will add some screenshot also to make you understood. just remember one thing your gmail address must be a primary user in the adsense account to update or change payment details

Firstly goto and login your adsense account by using gmail id and password

open settings to change address in adsense account

In adsense dashboard click on three line option from left side and goto Settings option then select ‘Payments’ option

open manage settings to change adsense address

Now goto ‘Manage Payment’ option and now you will be able to see your current address, payee profile etc

click on pencil icon and update your address

To change address click on ‘Pencil Icon’ and then update what you want to change and finally click on save

That’s all, you have successfully changed your Google AdSense Address, if you didn’t found pencil icon then first check which gmail id is primary gmail by going to Settings > Payment > Manage Payments there you can see primary gmail id, name etc so you need to login by using that primary gmail id in order to get pencil (Edit) option

How to Add Payment User In Google AdSense Account?

To add payment user you must need to primary user otherwise you can’t add, so first of all make sure you are a primary user of that adsense account then you can follow above steps

Follow These Steps to Add a New Payment or Primary User 

  1. Open ‘AdSense’ dashboard
  2. Tap on ‘Three Line’ to see all options
  3. Select ‘Settings’ > ‘Payments’ > ‘Manage Settings’
  4. Then at the end of page you can see ‘Payment User’ option
  5. Click on ‘Manage Payment Users’ > ‘Add New User’
  6. Now add his Name, Gmail ID, Give Permission and tik on Primary User
  7. Finally click on ‘Invite’ option and done

add or change primary user in adsense account

Once you click on invite option the user will receive a mail from adsense, in the mail a invitation link will be sent, user need to click on that link to accept invitation, once he accept then he/she will get a success message

That’s it, please do remember a primary user or payment user can do everything like, he can change address, payee name, bank account details, and even he also have power to remove you from the account so always add a primary user who you trust only

How to Change Bank Account Details in Adsense

add payment method bank account in adsense

To change or add a new bank account details first of all your earning must have to reach minimum threshold $100, then only you can add payment method so if you haven’t reached yet then sit back and relax because you can add only when you complete 100$ USD

So guys hope you understood how to change adsense address, primary user, and bank account details easily, if you still getting any issue during changing address, payment user, or bank details then feel free to comment down below, i am always ready to help you!


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